Learning JavaScript Curriculum: Update 1


Over the past 5 days I managed to get through 3 of the courses on my curriculum and thought it would be a good place for a progress update. "Basics of Programming with JavaScript", "Advanced JavaScript", and "Coercion in JavaScript" are all taught by Kyle Simpson and focus on how the language itself works. Although, "Advanced JavaScript" does touch a little on design patterns for object relationships and asynchronous programming. For me "Basics of Programming with JavaScript" was pretty straight forward. I have years of experience with a few other languages and I've done enough with JavaScript in the past that none of this was new information.

Learning JavaScript: Curriculum


For reasons that are more about personal preference than anything else, I've recently decided to switch to JavaScript as my main language for all new projects going forward. I'm kind of meticulous in how I like things to work, especially if I'm the one creating it. So when I choose a programming language I tend to choose one that I can use to solve a variety of problems. JavaScript lends itself well to developing web applications and command line utilities. With projects like Electron from GitHub it's even possible to write cross-platform desktop applications.